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Our story


Born from the desire to combine technology with art and nature to create a unique and personalized work of the human eye.

Since 2017, we have photographed tens of thousands of irises in our art galleries in different countries.

Our expertise in iris photography and high quality fine art printing are highly valued by our art loving customers.

Thanks to our experience, we have consolidated a very lucrative and easy-to-implement model.

Embark on the adventure and become an Eye Origin gallery owner.

What we do


We create a unique, personal, very high quality work of art that is accessible to everyone.

We provide our know-how, technology and skills in setting up art galleries

What we bring to you:

Innovative concept




First contact


NDA ( Non Disclosure Agreements)




Information Document Prior to the franchise contract


Signing of the Franchise Agreement


Training and set up of your gallery

Opening of your franchise